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When the ongoing symptoms of CIC or IBS-C are frustrating for you and your patients, consider Trulance

Many CIC and IBS-C patients have tried lifestyle changes, such as increasing water intake, moderate exercise, making dietary changes, and using over-the-counter (OTC) treatments, with little success.1,2

Patients will present with a variety of different symptoms. The key difference between CIC and IBS-C is when abdominal pain is present.3,4

  • Infrequent bowel movements (<3/wk)
  • Incomplete evacuations
  • Straining
  • Hard or lumpy stools
  • Abdominal Pain

Most CIC or IBS-C adult patients would welcome another option to help manage their condition.

  • With Trulance, many adult patients with CIC or IBS-C experienced more regular, well-formed bowel movements that were easier to pass, and had less IBS-C related abdominal pain5
Patients living with CIC and IBS-C

Real patients share how Trulance helped treat their CIC or IBS-C
Hear the stories of patients affected by CIC or IBS-C and how Trulance has helped them manage their conditions. Individual results may vary.

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