How it works

Trulance replicates what your body does naturally

Trulance is the first medication for Chronic Idiopathic Constipation (CIC) that is designed to work like a natural peptide in your body called uroguanylin. To best understand how uroguanylin works, let’s take a closer look at what happens in your body during the process of digestion.

  1. After you eat, food is broken down in the stomach, and passes through the intestines
  2. Fluid plays an essential role in the digestive process by contributing to the consistency of your stool
  3. Uroguanylin (pronounced “yur-oh-gwah-nih-lin”) is made naturally by your body and helps to provide the appropriate amount of fluid in the intestines
  4. Too little fluid in the digestive system could contribute to constipation, while too much fluid may result in diarrhea
  5. Uroguanylin responds to the changes that normally occur within your small intestine to produce the appropriate amount of fluid needed for well-formed bowel movements*

Trulance is designed to act like the natural uroguanylin in your body—helping to provide the appropriate fluid levels in your intestines.

*This activity was seen in animal studies. The relevance to humans is not yet known.

Why is fluid a big deal?

While the exact cause of CIC is unknown, the amount of fluid your body uses to create stool during the digestive process is thought to play a role in constipation. Too little fluid may result in stools that are hard and difficult to pass.

What’s the difference between Trulance and uroguanylin?

Aside from one small change, Trulance is very similar to the uroguanylin that your body naturally makes.