Trulance for CIC

Trulance can help you have more regular, well-formed bowel movements*

*Versus placebo (sugar pill) group
How once-daily Trulance can help with Chronic Idiopathic Constipation (CIC):
Provide More Regular
Bowel Movements
Improve your form

Trulance was tested in patients over a 12-week study period.

Before entering the study, patients had 2 spontaneous bowel movements (any bowel movement) in a week.

Trulance helped patients have
5 spontaneous bowel movements
a week on average

Before entering the study, patients had around one complete spontaneous bowel movement (with a sensation of complete evacuation) in 3 weeks.

Trulance helped people have
3 complete spontaneous bowel movements a week on average

Trulance can help people have “Normal” (smooth, soft sausage or snake-shaped) bowel movements

Trulance can help provide relief from your constipation in as little as 24 hours

For continued results, take Trulance every day

In 12-week clinical trials, many patients taking Trulance maintained their constipation relief with continued use.

In clinical studies, results seen without the use of laxatives.
Or as directed by your doctor.
Type #1
Separate hard lumps, like nuts. Hard to pass.
Type #2
Sausage-shaped but lumpy.
Type #3
Like a sausage but with cracks on surface.
Type #4
Like a sausage or snake, smooth & soft.
Type #5
Soft blobs with clear-cut edges.
Type #6
Fluffy pieces with ragged edges, a mushy stool.
Type #7
Watery, no solid pieces. Entirely liquid.

Adapted from Lewis SJ, Heaton KW. Stool form scale as a useful guide to intestinal transit time. Scand J Gastroenterol. 1997;32:920-924.

Identify your treatment goals with the Bristol Stool Form Scale

The Bristol Stool Form Scale is a visual representation of the 7 different types of Bowel Movements that you can have. A “4” bowel movement—described by the scale as smooth, soft sausage or snake-shaped—is free of lumps or excess liquid and is considered well-formed. A “Type 1 or 2” is often considered constipation, while a “Type 6 or 7” is often considered diarrhea.

While it might seem awkward to talk about, telling your doctor which type or types of stool you typically have can help you both create a treatment plan that works for you and your body.

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