Doctor Discussion Guide

Talking to your doctor is an important first step to managing your CIC or IBS-C. Asking the right questions about constipation can help you and your doctor get closer to finding a treatment plan that works for you. Getting ready for that conversation is as easy as 1-2-3.


Answer some questions
about your current
condition and treatment.


Download or
print out your custom
discussion guide.


Share it with your
doctor to begin forming
a treatment plan.

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1. Which of these constipation symptoms have you experienced? (Select all that apply)

2. How long have you been trying to manage your symptoms?

3. Which picture most frequently describes your stool when you're not taking anything to treat your constipation?


4. Which of these treatments have you previously tried or are currently using?

Previously tried (Select all that apply)
Currently using (Select all that apply)

5. How satisfied are you with your current constipation treatment?

Why are you not satisfied? (Select all that apply)

6. What are you looking to achieve with treatment? (Select all that apply)

7. Have you been told you have CIC or IBS-C by a healthcare professional?